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Ferrari Purosangue – First Ever Ferrari SUV


Ferrari revealed its first-ever four-door, four-seater automobile in its 75-year past – the Purosangue, Italian for a “Pure Blood“.

Ferrari has always created 2+2 cars (two front and two smaller back seats), but everything disparities with the Purosangue. It vows to have the same Ferrari performance, added to elevated driving pleasure and ease.

Engine & Performance

A 6.5-liter, 715-horsepower V-12 engine powers the car. Ferrari declines to name it an SUV, urging it is a sports car created from the ground up in genuine Prancing Horse tradition. As with most SUVs and crossovers, the machine is mounted after the front axle rather than over. The engine’s site, says Ferrari, allocates the vehicle’s weight almost evenly among the four wheels, enhancing its handling. Opening up new frontiers, Ferrari has created a car that marries signature Prancing Horse performance with the ultimate luxurious comfort.


The styling is a piece of a mix, as any crossover-seeking sleekness is. The part parallels the GTC4Lusso, as do the four liberated tail light segments that Ferrari creased up inside the node of the rear fenders. At the front, however, the Purosangue is taller and better flat-nosed than any of the firm’s prior models — it examines a bit like a Ferrari Roma that’s been vertically extended in Photoshop.

The exterior also holds one of Purosangue’s most notable features: rear-hinged rear doorways. Few firms are bold enough to put reverse-opening doors in their crossovers, but Ferrari seized up the challenge. The company also argues the doors are electric, and the lack of visible external grip backs that reason up.


The room and furnishings in the cabin are top-grade, as Ferrari always has. Inside, the Purosangue glances like a valid middle ground between Ferrari performance and crossover comfort. The seats look delicate and well-bolstered but don’t appear to have skimped on padding. The dashboard features numerous screens, with the motorist and passenger separately bringing their technology pod to gaze at.

The back of the Purosangue also busts with crossover tradition, presenting four seats instead than the standard five. The sweeping beltline that made the interior so sleek returns with a vengeance, coming up to chin height for the back-seat passengers — even higher if those passengers are younger kids.

The massaging front seats feature ten airbags that deliver a relaxing, targeted massage with five different types of massage and three intensity levels.

The Purosangue likewise includes an air quality sensor that can contain the air above the car and enhance quality in the cabin via intelligent air recirculation control and filters that can contain particles of up to PM2.5 from penetrating the car.


The Purosangue will begin at 390,000 euros ($389,000) in Italy, creating it the Ferrari’s second most pricey exhibit model behind the 440,000-euro SF90 hybrid sportscar. 

Deliveries will start in the 2nd quarter of 2023 in Europe. Following 3rd quarter in the United States, and by the end of next year in other global markets. Nevertheless, the Italian carmaker intends to limit production of the Purosangue to no more than 3,000 units per year.