Porsche Boxster 718s

Engine V8
Seats 2
Door 2
Luggage 2
Insurance Third Party Insurance
Daily Kilometer Limit 250km
Color White / Yellow

The Boxster continues to embody automotive excellence, which earns it a spot yet again on our 10Best Cars list for 2018. With a pair of torque-rich turbo fours (the base is a 300-hp 2.0-liter; the S gets a 350-hp 2.5-liter) the Boxster never dallies, and this mid-engine roadster’s dynamics are nearly perfect. A GTS model is new for 2018 and tunes the S’s 2.5-liter flat-four to 365 hp. Many desirable features cost extra, but the standard folding top is the only bauble that really matters.
With its mere 300 horsepower and human-actuated shifter, we expected this configuration to be slower than either of the 350-hp S models and/or any Boxster equipped with the lightning-fast dual-clutch automatic transmission. And we were right that this car did take the longest to get to speed. But, like all 718s we’ve tested so far, the base Boxster proved exceptionally quick, requiring just 4.4 seconds to hit 60 mph, 10.6 to achieve 100 mph, and 13.0 seconds to cover the quarter-mile at 109 mph. Yes, 4.4 seconds to 60. And that’s the slowest-accelerating Boxster available to Americans.

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