Mercedes G63 AMG V8 BITURBO

Engine V8
Seats 5
Door 4
Luggage 5
Insurance Third Party Insurance
Daily Kilometer Limit 250km
Color White

If the appearance of a vehicle has hardly changed for more than three decades, but its popularity remains unbroken, that says something about its character. Unmistakable, sovereign, unobtrusive – as well as highly dynamic and reliable. The Mercedes-AMG G 63 is a personality with corners and edges. Its interior shows that comfort does not have to be left on the side of the road.
Power and outstanding off-road capabilities, comfort and exclusive design. The new G-Class meets the highest standards. Discover the highlights.
If you’re reaching for the top, get on board the G-Class and you’re half way there. The higher seating position, the ergonomic seat design and first-class comfort all make you feel like a king whether you’re on the road or off, on the way to a mountain top or to an economic summit.
Climb, wade, scramble, plough, drift – you wouldn’t normally expect a car to perform these activities. Unless it’s a G-Class. This Mercedes welcomes any challenge. It’s always behind you, even when everyone else seems to have deserted. Whether you’re cruising or tackling the desert, the G-Class happily swaps the red carpet for red sand. It’s designed for extremes, effortlessly mastering spontaneous changes of scenery. So wherever your imagination takes you, the G-Class is with you all the way.
The optionally available Blind Spot Assist monitors the blind spot directly to the side of and behind the vehicle at speeds above 30 km/h. If the assistance system detects the danger of an impending collision when changing lane, it can warn the driver by means of a display in the exterior mirror. If the driver ignores this and activates the indicator, an additional audible warning is triggered

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